Ceramic Elastic Paint

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Ceramic Elastic Paint

Ceramic Elastic Paint

Ceramic Elastic Paint



 General Information

- This Eco-friendly ceramic elastic coat painting technology is based on the water soluble acrylic resin.

  It is an Eco-friendly​ paint with excellent weatherability as an interior paint.








 Color & Pattern


Ceramic A-type


Ceramic B-type



Ceramic C-type​​





 Scope of Application

This Ceramic Elastic Coating Paint is specially designed to be applied for interior finishing of the wall and ceiling the buildings.

Especially, the ceramic materials composed of makes it possible to perform to prevent sticking touchness in the hot weather area

unlike the competing the other products. And good elastic performance is to prevent cracking.




 Composition of the Materials

Main composition of the materials are C-type resin, white base, twinkling chip, color flake, and pigment.

  Accoring to the customer request, the mixing ratio of the component can be varied.




 Coating Conditions

  Avoid painting on cold days (atmospheric temperature below 5℃)or on rainy days (relative humidity over 85%).

 ​ Depending on the type of coating, there is a difference in drying time depending on the thickness of the coating.

  In the condition of high humidity, painting work should be avoided since it may cause sagging phenomenon of paint.

 ​ Laitance, dust, moisture, oil and other contaminants on the surface should be removed completely.

 ​ Grooves, cracks, seams of cracks, and etc. should be smoothed by using special putty. 



 Spraying Method

  Mainly the paints consist of C-type resin and white base resin. For the effect of color and twinkling, finely chopped twinkle chip,

   colored flake and pigment will be mixed with C-type resin. The function of white resin is to make the cover of the tarket wall and

   give the background for the C-type resin, but this work will be done simultaneously by using twin spray gun.

 ​ Put the C-type resin and white base are poured into the pocket of the twin spray gun separately.

  The amount of paint can be controlled by adjusting air streak valve and the pressure of air compressor.

 ​ The recommended ideal spraying distance from the target wall is 0.5~0.2m.

 ​ Theoretical spraying amount is 0.4~0.8kg/㎡, which make it possible to spray 40~50㎡ with one set.

   (1pale of C-type and 1 pale of white base)​



 Instructions and Cautions

  Sufficient ventilation is required during painting.

 ​ The operation should be stopped when the temperature is below 5℃, the water content is  over 8%, and the humidity is over 85%.

  It should be stored at the room temperature and should be avoided storing at below 0℃.

 ​ Goggles and masks should be worn to prevent eye contact of paint during painting work.

 ​ Keep out of reach of children, void ingestion,and avoid contacting with skin.

  Masking work should be done on window gaps in order to prevent scattering of paint during coating.

  Before starting paint work, be sure to apply pattern after test on the trial wall.

 ​ If paint gets on your skin, wash it immediately with soap and water.

 ​ This product should not be mixed with other products.

  In order to prevent environmental pollution, care should be taken to prevent the contents from entering sewers or rivers. 



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