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1. Prevention of motor damage by adopting Easy Start Valve


6. Equipped with four wheels for easy movement

2. Two convenient air couplers

7. Drain valve of the ball valve type

3. Optimal part layout design for easy management

8. Four high elastic urethane wheels

4. Over load protection device to prevent motor damage

9. Oil picking cup for measuring remaining oil amount

5. 100% Korean copper coil low voltage motor

10. Light weight and ergonomic grip





 Technical Data







 ​ Adopted genuine pump from Italy FINI S.p.A

  Fully automated controlled engine speed

 ​ Atoped Honda engine from Japan

  Easy start

 ​ Perfect performance test before shipment






 ​ Low Voltage Motor  is adopted

  Copper Coil  is applied to all the product rather than the conventional AL coil compressor​

 ​ Wide Range Voltage  from 160 to 220V​

  Long Extension  up to 100m​

 ​ Multi-Safety Device  to prevent parts damage due to sudden voltage drop​

  Light Weight  using aluminum tank​

 ​ Powerful Air Production  compared with competing same horsepower product​




 Product Specifications by Model










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