Interior Panel - Marble Board

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Interior Panel - Marble Board

Interior Panel - Marble Board

Interior Panel - Marble Board

 Royal Marble Board

- UV high-glossy board platted on PET Film by cariable and reallstic design. it can be shortening​ the construction period by easy-installation, brings cost sacing effect, and safe at fire why incombustible board.






 ​ Safe at Fire : incombustible(passed KFI Test).

  Good STC : high density composite.

 ​ Economic : Light-weight, can replace real Marble.

  Easy installation by everyone : standardized packing & 4-side pre-finished.

 ​ neat and tiby : covered with film at 4-side edge.

  Eady to cut : by carpenrer`s tools.







Size(mm, package)



580×800=6EA/Box  2.78/Box,

4-side beveled

NoFIRE Sanding Board+PET Film


580×1200(4-side) / 580×​2400(2-side beveled)

※Box-packing for "BOX" mark size. Other size will be palletized.




 Product Color





 Constructing Method


 ​ Covering silicon or double-sided tape on back-side of board, Fix board with stain pin staple.​

  If cutting board at working place, will be finished by Molding or silicon Surely​






 ​ Residence : Entrance well, kitchen wall, Artwall and etc.

  Commerce : School, Hospital, Store, Hotel and etc.

 ​ Lavatory at office and store




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